About Us

CLEO klēə o
 noun: glamour, unique, independent  


MATHILDE  /ma.tild/e
adjective: mighty in battle, strong

Cleo and Mathilde is founded on the principle that style and fashion should be seasonless, effortless and sustainable. Our pieces are classy yet simple and designed to elevate your look and allow your individuality to shine through. Unique pieces for the playful minded. 

Our line is constructed primarily of sustainably sourced alpaca and silk.

Alpaca fleece, a natural fiber harvested from Alpacas in Peru, the native home of our founder and designer, is used in all of our capes.  Peruvian Alpaca is highly sought-after for its versatility and luxurious feel providing either a lightweight layer or a heavier one, depending on how it is spun.  Unlike other harvested fibers such as sheep’s wool, Alpaca is warmer, naturally water-repellent and extremely durable. It also has no lanolin, making it hypoallergenic.

Our founder Raquel Feese 2020